Review: HP and the Half-Blood Prince *****


Best book out of the series! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was (one of) my favorite HP movies as well so that was to be expected, but I think the book added a lot of depth to the story that the movie was maybe lacking a bit (even though the movie is very entertaining).

Especially concerning Dumbledore’s death (this doesn’t need to be marked as a spoiler anymore, does it? XD Come on, you should know this by now) and Voldemort’s past. Everything just made more sense in the book and therefore the tension was more palpable.

I loved how they develop romantic relationships in this book – makes it feel a lot more Young Adulty, which I like! Ron and Hermione ❤ Also, book Ginny is so much more awesome than movie Ginny, it’s true. FIVE STARSSSS!