SPOILER REVIEW: Tiger’s Destiny :'(

12677913Okay I guess I’m ready to talk about it now … I definitely needed a full night’s sleep and day of recovery between finishing Tiger’s Destiny and writing my review. I literally cried throughout the last 50 pages, like, non-stop. Tears aren’t great bookmarks by the way. I guess … *sad sigh* I guess I just envisioned a much happier ending for all of them … ALL of them. Yeah, I’m sad. But here goes! [MAJOR SPOILER WARNING] [SERIOUSLY SPOILERS EVERYWHERE] Tiger’s Destiny has a very different rhythm when you compare it to the previous 3 books, which I guess makes sense since it’s the final one and we left off with Kelsey being kidnapped by Lokesh. Where we usually start the story with the preparations for the next quest, this time we jump head-first into the action. Kelsey is freed at the nick of time from her shotgun marriage (I loved Ren’s entrance as the minister XD) and Lokesh is ‘defeated’. Of course, that would be a little too easy, we’re only 1/4th into the book by this point. [STILL SPOILERS] Now we’re back in our familiar setting, prepping for the final quest. Mr. Kadam seems off though … We soon find out, when, at 1/3rd into the book, Mr. Kadam died. He died! I still can’t believe that actually happened, and I’m mad at myself for not grieving, I guess, when he dies because I was SO sure the time travel thing (yes, there’s time travel in Tiger’s Destiny) would fix it all in the end. 250-ish pages left, still plenty of time to FIX THIS! But that didn’t happen … His death seemed so utterly useless to me, though it’s explained why it was necessary, my heart begs to differ L So unfair … Can’t believe Colleen Houck killed him to be honest! [JEP, MORE SPOILERS] After that we enter the fire world. I really enjoyed the bit with Sunset and Sunrise, they were lovely and fit the general storyline well. I adored the fire trees and was sad the Qilin didn’t play a larger part. Wasn’t too keen on the vampire creatures (Rakhsasha or whatever) and Fire Lords, somehow the ‘humanoid’ mythological creatures didn’t fit into my imagination of this fantasy world as a whole. Their storylines seemed kind of useless to be honest. Just filler. Entering the final stage of the book, we meer Anamika. Or should I say … [SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER] Durga! Quite a surprise to me, honestly, though it all made sense in the end. I really liked her rivalry with Kelsey and getting to know her as a human woman was kind of cool and refreshing. However, she complicates things … a lot! Both with the brothers and the divine gifts. Even Fanindra goes over to Anamika’s side, that little bitch 😀 No no, sorry Fanindra, you’re great I still love you and that cute little snake really saved the day in the end. Okay … okay … we’re nearing the end of this review, and thus the part that’s about the end … Can I just say NO NO NO NO! That was not okay, what you did to us, Colleen 😥 I guess I saw something along these lines coming since they found the tiger bones in Kadam’s grave (that bit made me panic SO MUCH! And rightfully so it turned out …) but still, when Kishan actually gets left behind in the past, I cried so hard … This is not a good outcome y’all! I’m not happy. I’m not. Mr. Kadam is still dead, Kishan is dead by the time they arrive back in present day. Mr. Kadam never gets to meet his grandkids and give Kelsey away at her wedding (fucking Mike what are you doing here ugh I hated him being there he was no substitute for Mr. Kadam!), and Kishan never gets to be an uncle … I needed Kishan to end up with Nilima (Fucking Sunil what are you doing here, go away) and everyone to be TOGETHER! Not separated by fucking time and space and death … Okay, I realize I’m swearing quite a bit this point so I guess I’ll wrap it up … I probably have a lot more to say about this bout but for now, I’m going to leave it at this … Bittersweet endings suck. And I have NO clue what the next book is going to be about I actually hope they cancel it unless it brings back Mr Kadam and Kishan but that can’t happen so no, I don’t want it 😦thanks

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