REVIEW: Silver Shadows (Richelle Mead) *****

8709524Silver Shadows, Richelle Mead *****

Wow, this was definitely the best book in the series! I almost feel like going back on my ratings of the previous books and take half a star off them, just so I can make these 5 very very well-deserved stars stand out more. I feel it’s always this way with Richelle Mead-books: they start out okay at the beginning of the series, and they end up being AMAZING in the end!

I guess I really like the whole lovers torn apart thing … I loved reading about Sydney in re-education, which I suppose is a good thing seen as how 85% of Sydney’s narrative consists of her time in there. I got really annoyed at Adrian some times and was disappointed at how easily he fell into his old patterns … I mean, it was understandable, sure, but I still expected more from him after the growth he’s gone through already in the previous books. I guess this just goes to show how very human (pardon the pun) Adrian is as a character. He’s not flawless by any standards, but still manages to steal our – and Sydney’s – heart.

The final chapters were unfortunately already spoiled for me online, but I still smiled fondly at how everything turned out for those crazy kids. I didn’t care much for the ‘read my next book!’-cliffhanger at the very end … I mean, couldn’t Sydney and Adrian (and us readers!) have stayed relatively safe and happy for the time in between Silver Shadows and The Ruby Circle? Do we really need to be worrying again after all the emotional turmoil we’ve gone through in this fifth book? But okay Richelle Mead, I’ll play your game and await the sixth and final book with bated breath. THIS BETTER BE GOOD! Sydney and Adrian deserve one heck of a happy ending after all that. And I’m sure they’ll get it, just like Dimitri and Rose did ❤


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