REVIEW [WITH SPOILERS]: Into the Still Blue (Veronica Rossi) *****


Into the Still Blue (Veronica Rossi) *****

I can’t believe I’m done with this trilogy 😦 I’ve put off reading the last book in the series for quite a long time, simply because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Aria, Perry and especially Roar. But now I have, and I feel we left things on good terms. I was very scared about certain characters dying (*cough* Roar *cough* and Marron) but thank the stars my worries were deemed unnecessary. Really: I could not have handled Roar’s death much better than he did Liv’s.


The writing is perfect (well, obviously, it’s a Veronica Rossi-book) and the story moves along at a nice pace, but I did feel it took awfully long for them to actually reach the Still Blue. I only had about 100 pages left when I was getting kind of worried: how can Rossi possibly wrap all this up with so little pages left to go? But she did, and anyhow, I enjoyed every page leading up to the grand finale of arriving into the Still Blue.


Mmmmaybe Sable’s death could have been a little more dramatic and I would have liked a bit more closure on Cinder’s obliteration (maybe a shred of evidence that he was, indeed, very very dead and gone?) but apart from that, most loose ends got tied up neatly. I liked how the developing romance between Brooke and Soren got a cute little confirmation in the final chapter. Oh, and Loran! I LOVED LORAN! Loran was the image of fatherly perfection imho. Okay, so, top three favorite characters in the Under the never sky Trilogy:

  1. Roar
  2. Loran
  3. Marron


The end – the actual last sentence – will definitely stay with me forever, not because it was that epic or even emotional, but because it ended with Roar and Aria’s friendship rather than a mushy love scene between Aria and Perry. This was, in my opinion, a great decision on Rossi’s part. I feel like the Under the Never sky-books are as much a story about their friendship as her love for Perry.




The End.

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