Van onder ‘t stof: the Angel Trilogy by L.A. Weatherly

Zoals jullie intussen misschien al weten, is “Van onder ‘t Stof” de rubriek waarin ik oude recensies – van toen ik nog niet blogde – opnieuw in de schijnwerpers zet. Vandaag koos ik ervoor om dat te doen met de boeken uit de Angel-trilogie van L.A. Weatherly, één van mijn absolute lievelingsreeksen en eentje die ook echt meer (véél meer!) aandacht verdient.

Angel *****

7991200 (1)The cover for Angel isn’t that great, which led me to believe it was just going to be another book about angels with a dark side. Ater having recently read the train crash of a book that is ‘Hush Hush’, I was apprehensive to say the least. Reading the quite generic teaser of the back cover didn’t do much to counter this preconception…

However, much to my suprise, Angel is one of the most fresh YA Fantasy novels I’ve read to date. It’s hasn’t been since the Hunger Games that I have been this in completely love with a book! I read it as fast as I could, and when I wasn’t reading, I was thinking about it.

Alex’ back story was very Supernatural, and the love between Alex and Willow was very The Host. But mostly this novel is highly original in its characters, setting and storyline.

I love love loved it.

Angel Fire *****

9553503Angel Fire left some serious bruising on my soul and a burning (see what I did there?) need to read Angel Fever, like, yesterday.
Along with Twilight and THG, it’s definitely my most favorite YA book series.

+ Seb is such a Jacob! (Although I have to admit Weatherly had me shedding a tear when she called him her ‘chiquito’ in the Acknowledgements).

+ I love how I can interpret it as anti-religious (though I do not claim this is the author’s intention at all).

+ Aura footsie, babe vs. chiquita and many more unforgetable quotes.

Angel Fever *****

18193846L.A. Weatherly, why did you do this to meeeeeee …
* dying whale noise while hugging Fever to my chest *

What a rollercoaster ending to one of my favorite series!

The final end is nice, but I wished it had made me cry, because I care about this serie a lot and crying when it ends is usually a good sign.

Cry however, I did not. I smiled and tucked the book back into it’s spot in my bookcase, simply content.

PS: there better be a movie or tv-series for this serie or I swear on the Angels …

PS2: De volledige recensie van boek 3 bevat veel spoilers, dus ik heb hem voor hier wat ingekort. De complete versie kan je hier lezen als je wilt. 

Hebben jullie de boeken van L.A. Weatherly al gelezen? Neen? DOEN!

5 thoughts on “Van onder ‘t stof: the Angel Trilogy by L.A. Weatherly

  1. Leuk idee die nieuwe rubriek met oudere recensies. Ik moet eerlijk bekennen dat ik enkel de eerste twee boeken uit deze reeks heb gelezen omdat ze me niet helemaal konden bekoren. Nu maar hopen dat je me niet van al je sociale media verwijderd. 🙂

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