REVIEW: Cress, Marissa Meyer *****

13206828It literally (uhu I used literally in a non-literal way, deal with it) took for-friggin-ever, but I finally finished Cress! I can’t really explain why I turned into an illiterate snail whilst reading this third book in The Lunar Chronicles, because I LOVED Cress (I secretly knew I would ‘cause she’s based on my favorite Disney Princess), but I just couldn’t get ahead in it for some reason. In my defense, it is 550 pages long, which is considerably longer than most books I read. Even though I really enjoyed every page, it did at times seem like daunting read, lowering my reading pace.

Anywaysss, I already mentioned this in my Scarlet-review, I think, but The Lunar Chronicles is one of those series that gets better with every book. Cinder was good, Scarlet was better and Cress was GREAT. I can only imagine what Marissa Meyer has in store for us in the final installment, Winter. Imagining how much planning must’ve gone into creating The Lunar Chronicles however, I can’t even! Yeah, Marissa Meyer is pretty much a plotting and writing genius. If that kind of talent were contagious, I’d definitely let Marissa Meyer sneeze on me. Repeatedly.

Something I love about her books is how every character – and there are quite a lot, all given the role of narrator in some capacity throughout the thus far three books – has their own distinct voice. I especially love the way Thorne speaks and his humor is so perfect for his whole persona. Can’t blame Cress for crushing on him, really, as I’m crushing on the both of them. Our new main character Cress is adorable and quirky and unique, and brings a whole new layer to Meyer’s intrinsic sci-fi fairytale. Storylines weave towards and away from each other in such a way that it truly baffles me to think how one would come up with a story quite as complex as this. And Iko. Aww, Iko! I just bought a cleaning robot and guess what we called her: Christopher! No I’m just kidding, we named her Iko.

Okay … Well … To wrap it up: there’s really nothing you can compare The Lunar Chronicles to, probably much to the dismay of those pesky marketing peeps trying to put stickers with ‘Fans of THG/Twilight/Harry Potter will love this!’ on every newly released YA. But if you like sci-fi (check!) and fairytales (check!), these books will not disappoint you. Even if you weren’t going fangirl cray-cray about Cinder, I urge you to read ahead because every new book in this series adds a whole new level of awesome to it. Cress is my favorite Lunar Chronicles MC and storyline so far, but I hope Winter will find a way to surpass my towering expectations! No pressure or anything, Marissa Meyer 😉

So if you hadn’t deduced it yet from my star-struck review: five well-deserved stars to my favorite Disney Princess Rapunzel a.k.a. cute satellite Lunar hacker girl, Cress! And Marissa Meyer, if you could contact me for a sneezing session, that’d be great, thanks!

PS: here’s my Cress fan cast! Don’t even try to deny that it’s the best fan cast you’ve ever seen. (Sorry, no Iko yet! Still searching for her perfect bod, lol ;))


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