REVIEW The Elite by Kiera Cass (*****)

16248068The Elite is a marvelous sequel that does not disappoint. It had me swooning, it had me worried, it had me gasping. It had me reading at lightning speed only to quickly slow myself down again because I didn’t want the story to end too soon. If that’s not well-deserving of 5 shiny stars, I don’t know what is! Kiera Cass writes some delicious stuff. Her books are like decorated cupcakes – pretty AND yummy ❤

While the first book focused primarily on some world-building, the love triangle between America, Aspen and Maxon and America finding her place at the palace, The Elite had more room to develop the dystopian part of the story. We learn more about America’s world and the motives of the rebels attacking the palace, as well as the sordid history on which the country of Illéa was built …

That of course doesn’t mean that the love triangle is all but forgotten – on the contrary! Readers will be as torn between Maxon and Aspen as America herself is. One chapter I’d be ready to have Maxon propose to me, uhm, I mean America, and the next I’d hate him without seeing any chance at redemption. Then Cass would write some magical explanation and cute scene between them that had me loving him all over again. Agh! How do you do that, Cass?

Aspen however was wonderful throughout the entire book, and I think, in the end, I’m sort of rooting for him to win America’s heart. He was her first love and he isn’t as fickle as Maxon. He’s someone you can build on. He’d give you the shirt off his back. I’m guessing though that The One will have a happy end in store for the prince and the Five, and that poor guard boy will be left behind with a broken heart …

There’s a lot more intrigue, drama and tension in The Elite when you compare it to The Selection. So if you thought that the first book was a bit too tame for you, you should definitely give The Elite a chance. Kiera Cass isn’t afraid to surprise her readers with some gruesome chapters in between the tea with the queen in a beautiful ball gown and her characters are no longer perfect black and white: as we get to know them better by the page, they’re all becoming gray – they’re becoming more real, more relatable. America might make some rather stupid decisions here and there, but the reader will never doubt America’s intensions. She really is a wonderful character.

I’m worried however about The One already being the last book (well, it’s a trilogy, duh) because it seems like the dystopian storyline is far from being finished in one more book. That being said, if there’s one writer who can pull it off, it’s Kiera Cass!

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