Review Tiger’s Voyage ****

Tiger's Voyage_CoverLet me start off with saying: I still loved it and love this Saga (not back-peddaling out of this one!), but I liked parts 1 and 2 a lot better, so I’m “only” giving 4 stars to you this time, my beloved Tigers! (Sorry Colleen Houck! By Durga I plead for your holy forgiveness!)

Tiger’s Voyage has a slightly different build-up when you compare it to the previous two books in the Saga. First of all because we immediately get a fairly good idea of the direction the story (or more accurately: the boat) is heading. We skip the inbetween part and go straight to the quest. That doesn’t mean we jump head-first into the action though, which is something I like about these books. The research and preparations foregoing their quests, make their adventures feel a lot more realistic – well, as realistic as a tale about a girl with two tiger princes on a sea voyage can be, that is.

As Kelsey and her friends board the Deschen, they prepare for their next quests by learning how to dive. A new character is introduced, thankfully diverting some of the love triangle-tension between Kelsey and the brothers.
I enjoyed this part of the book because of its ‘holiday feel’. However, I did not enjoy Ren’s company – nor Kishan’s for that matter – in Tiger’s Voyage. I felt both of our tigers kind of lost hold of their personalities, floating adrift into either Boring Boyfriendville of Arrogant Assholetown.

Ren has become this supremely arrogant and jealous manipulator, while Kishan has only about 2% of his ‘bad boy with a big heart’-appeal left. This was somewhat of a dud.
That being said, Tiger’s Voyage is still a highly entertaining story with more action than the first two books in the series and plenty of conflicting emotions for us girls to pine over along with the MC.
Kelsey has grown up so much since Tiger’s Curse and I feel more and more connected to her character. Consider me Team Kelsey now instead of Team Ren or Team Kishan, because neither convinced me in this part of the Saga!

Though some parts of the quest were a bit too lengthy for my taste (mostly the Green dragon’s part) and others felt rushed, Tiger’s Voyage is once again a fun, magical read where varying mythologies come to life and love has just the right amount of complications.
Something that always manages to surprise me is how Colleen Houck answers even the tiniest questions or remarks I have throughout the book.

Tiger’s Voyage ends on quite a cliffhanger, but I think I’ll leave it there for a while and wait to read book 4 until the release of book 5 is a bit closer.

3 thoughts on “Review Tiger’s Voyage ****

  1. I’ve never heard of these books – and reading this I’m amazed that they’ve eluded me. I’m putting them on my to-read-list!

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