The Selection *****

The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games meets something pretty awesome and I love it

10507293If you think you’re sick of YA love triangles, think again: this is one love triangle you will not want to pass up! The Selection reads like a pleasant girly-girl dream, where you have butterflies in your stomach and probably randomly see some rainbows and unicorns floating around. My way of saying: I was absolutely *sigh* in love with it!

Okay, enough with the mushy-mushy and on to some serious reviewing: Cass refrains herself from endless inner dialogue and chooses – wisely so! – to let situations and actions do the talking instead of an inner voice that endlessly rambles on. America is a no-nonsense kind of gal and that reflects in the writing, benefitting the pace of The Selection. It reads like a breeze, like the flutter of silky gowns in a royal palace where … Oh, sorry, I’m rambling again.

Obviously, this is a book you’ll love most for its romantic qualities. There were so many cute moments between America and Maxon in The Selection (without giving too much away): I adored their secret signs, the price of her lost bet, the part where she plays the violin … To make a decision between Aspen and Maxon however, seems pretty impossible after only one book in the series. I’ll try and choose between them in book two, The Elite, and wonder if America will do the same.

A lot of what happens in The Selection is pretty easy to predict early on. In this case, I didn’t mind not being surprised too often because I simply enjoyed being along for the ride – even though I might’ve already guessed most of the pit stops and the destination.

Even so, I would not call The Selection cliché by a long shot. The dystopian setting and a refreshing sort of realistic honesty in the main character (I don’t know how else to put it) keeps it far enough away from something all too chick-litty. Having 35 girls compete for one guy (and/or crown), Cass could have easily made this all about girl drama. It’s not.

Expectation-wise, keep in mind that this is a dystopian romance, not a romantic dystopian and I promise you, you won’t be the least bit disappointed by this swoonworthy novel!

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