REVIEW: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer *****

I’ve been longing for an epic modernised retelling of Little Red Riding Hood for some time now, yet I oddly did not expect to find it in part 2 of The Lunar Chronicles: ‘Scarlet’ (even though it’s very obviously based on said fairytale). Well, Marissa Meyer … consider my longing fulfilled! 13206760
In my opinion, it’s quite rare for the second part of a trilogy to outshine the first. With Scarlet, this is exactly so. Seen as how I gave ‘Cinder’ 4 stars back in the day, it seemed only fitting to give Scarlet 5. Why? The stakes are higher, the new characters are wonderful and … (new fictional crush alert) Wolf. * sigh *

Scarlet and Wolf were adorable together from the first second they crossed paths. Wolf actually reminds me SO much of an OC of mine, so of course I loved him straight off the bat: his appetite (tomatoes!), his eyes, his protectiveness …

game-of-thrones-star-kit-harington-breaks-ankle>>> How I imagine Wolf (yes that is Jon Snow :D)

His dynamic with Scarlet is perfectly written and I couldn’t help falling in love with Wolf in Scarlet’s stead (before she consciously does too, that is). The electricity crackled of the pages between the fiery redhead and demure yet dangerous wolf. I loved every second of it, but if I had to pick a favorite Scar+Wolf moment …

… [SPOILER] That scene were he kisses her in her prison cell to give her the ID chip was a stroke of sheer brilliance on Marissa Meyer’s part, if you ask me. It’s one of those scenes that’ll haunt and taunt me with an everlasting “Why couldn’t you have written that?”. It was so unexpected but so so right. A punch in the gut you happily take.[END OF SPOILER]

But ‘Scarlet’ is not all about Scarlet and Wolf, of course. Cinder’s story continues in ‘Scarlet’ when she escapes from prison with a new ally at her side: Captain Thorne. Thorne was one of those amazingly alive characters who are flawed and charming and unforgettable all at once. And I was glad to have Iko back too! Her complaining about her spaceship-size was very amusing.

The Kai chapters were a bit less interesting to me, but necessary to the story, so I understand why they were needed. Too bad Levana was noticeably absent for most of the story, because I love to hate our Lunar Queen. >>> How I imagine Levana (Abaddon from Supernatural :p)Abaddon

All in all ‘Scarlet’ was everything I wanted from a modernised Red Riding Hood and MORE: well-crafted, well-written and surprisingly romantic.

The Lunar Chronicles are something quite special …

3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer *****

  1. Ik hen je stukje bewust niet helemaal gelezen, want ik lees dit boek momenteel ook. Wat heerlijk tot nu toe! En Jon Snow lijkt me een heerlijke wolf (A)

  2. Ik heb je stukje niet hele,aal gelezen, want ik ben dit boek momenteel ook aan het lezen. 🙂 echt super tof! En Jon Snow lijkt me een heerlijke wolf..

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