Lekker dromen van Saoirse Ronan en Jake Abel

Iemand fan van The Host? 🙂

Onderstaande tekstpost postte ik vanochtend (toegegeven: in een nog half slaapdronken toestand) op mijn Tumblr, omdat ik het gewoon zo’n fantastische, openbarende droom vond die ik in al mijn fan girl-enthousiasme met m’n mede-Hosters wou delen.

Een beetje silly, maar ach, dat hoort nu eenmaal bij The Fan Girl Life. Als jij ook uitkijkt naar The Seeker (of misschien zelfs eerder: als je er een beetje sceptisch tegenover staat), toch een aanradertje – al zeg ik het zelf!



Wanda/Mel en Ian (fan art by me: thesearchingeyes.deviantart.com)


I had such an amazing dream last night! 

I was at home, watching a dvd of the sequel to The Host (why wouldn’t I have watched it in theatres though? That doesn’t sound like me!), which for some reason wasn’t called The Seeker but The Watcher. And it was made BEFORE the release of the book, which is also odd but I somehow knew it was at Stephenie’s request.

Anyways, in an alternative ending to The Host, Ian got beaten nearly to death just outside the caves (I think by Kyle?). I was appalled that the script writers had killed him off and that Stephenie had allowed it to happen! So I just had to watch the sequel right away. Even though it was already on dvd apparently, lol.

So the movie starts with a couple of scenes of life in the caves, re-introducing all the main characters. Wanda is played by a blonde Saoirse and Mel by a brunette Saoirse. But all I want to know is whether Ian is really dead! Of course he isn’t. And he’s grown facial hair, hah! Looking good, Jake Abel. 
Anyways, we’re outside the caves again and it’s nighttime now. I look at the sky and a meteor shoots by. But then it doesn’t. It crashes. And that’s when I paused the dvd.

Can you imagine if that were to happen? Souls and humans having to unite because of such a catastrophe? (Of course, the human resistance knows everything about surviving in harsh circumstances, so they’d have to help the Souls).

I’ve always been against the idea of a sequel to The Host, because for me it ended perfectly. I’m afraid it will be ruined. Especially since Stephenie already disclosed that a fan favorite is going to die … 
This dream changed all that. 
There’s this saying about God (who I don’t believe in) and I think it applies to Stephenie (who I do believe in) in this case: she won’t give us anything we can’t handle. So now I’m superexcited about this sequel!

Yay dream!

Zitten jullie ook op Tumblr? Mij kan je alvast vinden op http://dandelion-and-the-lamb.tumblr.com/

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